The Far East Meets Western North Carolina

The Far East Meets Western North Carolina

The senses dance with delight with the tastes and scents abundant  at the only authentic Cantonese dim sum retaurant around for hundreds of miles. Of  course I’m t alking about Red Ginger Dim Sum and Tapas Bar located at 82 Patton Ave in the heart of downtown . This is definitely one of my top five favorite restaurants in Asheville let alone the country. Being a former chef of 20 years I can’t speak enough to the level of quality, fresh ingredients, and authentic execution of there highly sought after menu. I dine there once if not twice a week and never have I been dissapointed. I do have a favorite server(of course) her name is Coreen and she is an absolute delight she is incredibly knowledgeable and will guide you through the journey that is authentic dim sum. I first came across this place about a year and a half ago walking down the streets just looking for anything different tired of the same ole’ fare then boom it hits me a new and intoxicating smell eminating from this gorgeous building I read the menu and was instantly hooked. The fact there was a line out the door on a Tuesday night spoke to the reputaion and quality of the place. Though there was aline it moved incredibly quickly there were about 25 people ahead of me and I was still sat in about 12-15 minutes. That’s where I met Coreen a spunky little server with a sparkling personality and a wealth of knowledge about the menu I was about to dive in on. Coreen recommended about 10-12 items that were her favorite and I trusted her so My party agreed and ordered every single thing she suggested and buddy she did not dissapoint. Just a quick list of what she suggested; go to there website for a description of each one but ill give you a quick must have list:

1-Sechaun Wontons (my absolute favorite pictured below)

2-Gau Bau(little pork belly sandwiches)

3-Stir fry string beans ( Un real and I’m a die hard meat eater)

4-Pan Fried buns (Fluffy Dumplings from heaven stuffed with pork and shrimp)

5-Pork dumpling shanghai ( tradional soup dumplings hardest to make and find)

6-Dan Dan Noodle ( spicy delicious soup with pork and veggies)

7-Jalapeno Yellow tail (sliced thin served raw topped with ponzu)

I could go on and on as the menu has about 75 items but those are the must haves in my book. To speak to there menu diversity they have about 15 vegetarian options, 25 seafood options, and plenty of meat and poultry options. If you’re in Asheville this is a must stop and ask for Coreen she’ll take you on a food journey you could not believe but come hungry and ready to eat And don’t forget to tip your server well they work hard to provide you with an amazing dining experience you won’t receive anywhere else. Tell them” Turk sent ya.”

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