The Biltmore Estate in Bloom!

The Biltmore Estate in Bloom!

Asheville enthusiastically celebrates all of the seasons with varied festivals and events. Afavorite among them is the spring spectacle offered on the Biltmore Estate called Biltmore Blooms. During April, this festival is punctuated by its star attraction: tulips.

The tulips’ first chorus of color arrive among a backdrop of redbud, flowering cherry, dogwoods, and blazing forsythia. The show is most spectacularly featured within the estate’s “Walled Garden” adorned on one end by enormous Conservatories where tropical plants flourish. Here, alone, some 50,000 vibrant tulips will bloom. And an additional half as many robustly cheerful
tulip efflorescences will captivate visitors all around the estate.

The treasured blooms, most notably associated with Dutch tradition, reflect George Vanderbilt’s ancestral roots. The estate’s name is even inspired, in part, by the Dutch town, “Bildt,” where his family is traced. “More” was added onto the name to depict the characteristic rolling lands of the estate. Among its idyllic rolling hills, the estate serves up this Dutch jewel with exploding

Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed the Walled Garden to function as a kitchen garden. But George Vanderbilt preferred ornamentals. Tulips arrived on the scene early on, and they have adorned the garden for over a century.

Although April on the estate is marked by the ubiquitous tulip, other bulbs bloom in harmony with them. Thousands of daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, and more add to the symphony of color. In all, the one-hundred-thousand bulbs (planted anew each year during late autumn and early winter) make an appearance.

During late April, the tulips will begin to bid adieu. But in May visitors are dazzled by poppies, snapdragons, pansies, azaleas, and flowering shrubs on the estate and within the stately walls of this garden. As the months, and seasons, move on, there is always something special on the grounds at the Biltmore. But April is indeed all about the tulip.

There are numerous “Special Offers” one can find on the estate’s website that provide a discount for entry. For example, if one purchases tickets on the site at least ten day in advance there is a savings. Adult tickets typically run from $65. - $85.

Once on the estate, the entire suite of sights, activities, and attractions are available. Antler Village, Many locals (and frequent visitors) opt for annual passes, which opens up the estate to them every day, with no additional fees excluding events, such as the concert series and dining. Additionally, the annal pass provides additional discounts on lodging, shopping, activities, and a
range of other activities.

Featured until May 27th find clothing reproductions of the Vanderbilts’ own wardrobes displayed throughout the house. This new exhibit takes you into the Vanderbilt’s entertainment world that included turn-of-the-century “house parties” - common among the elite of the era. In fact, an entire room is dedicated to gatherings of this nature as noted by the playful paintings on the
walls. An audio guide is an enchanting accompaniment of this spectacular, first-ever exhibit.

By Janet Schlaufman / Keller Williams Elite Realty / 828-620-0108

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