Lets Talk About Curb Appeal!

Lets Talk about Curb Appeal

Think of the curb appeal as being a sellers window, like choosing a restaurant in a tourist destination, it’s either the way a place looks or a specific feature on the menu (eg. fresh homemade biscuits).  It only takes a glance for someone driving by your home or seeing the first photo online to decide whether they want to see more... so the first impression needs to be a great one!

Buyers are drawn to welcoming, uncluttered yards. There are a few areas that are of primary importance. Symmetry appeals to the eye so the overall appearance of the home needs balance.  If you drive around your neighborhood or one that you find really attractive, note what appeals to you about the homes you like best.

Door and Entry areas, even small ones can create a feel of a grand entry with just a bit of effort

- add a wreath or a welcome mat
- add a pot of color near the front door
- consider new exterior door hardware or polish older ones
(it may sound silly but this is the first contact point with the home and the this can provide a feeling of security)
- add a ‘smart doorbell’ with a camera this will also appeal to security conscious buyers

The mailbox should complement the home, a new one is an inexpensive plus

Light fixtures

- updating exterior lights provides a well maintained look to the exterior
- Solar lights can add to the brightness of a home at night

Make sure the exterior trim and shutters are in good repair

The Lot

- make the walkway appealing - think like a magazine shoot
- cut the grass, make sure the hedges are evenly trimmed
- add some color with small plantings, raised planters or attractive pots
- give it a bath - spray wash the exterior, decks and make the windows shine
- fences, gates and railings should be in good repair and freshly painted/stained

Here’s an example where the seller made small changes for maximum impact to their home’s curb appeal by having comfortable patio furniture on the front porch, adding a wreath, adding the splash of blue on the front door and the new post and lantern at the base of the driveway.  This home sold within days and for over asking price because multiple parties were interested right away.

Backyard appeal is important too--especially if it can be seen from a public area.  

Buyers are starting to picture themselves at home, so make it feel like an oasis

- adding comfortable chairs to the deck
- a splash of color whether pillows or plants
- add a feature like a fire pit or tiki torches

Curb appeal is critical to the sale of your home and will give the best liklihood of attaining the highest price in the shortest amount of time. It can draw in buyers and set your home apart from the competition. Also remember that most buyers don’t want to take on major renovation projects unless there’s a large price reduction that’s well below market value.

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