10 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Selling

You made the decision, you’ve decided to list your home! As a homeowner this can be both very exciting and overwhelming. You want to be sure your making the right decision when choosing an agent, discussing list price and how to get your home in tip top shape to get the highest and best value. But what do buyers really look for in a home besides the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of kitchen? Check out these top 10 tips to get your home show ready and win over any buyer!

1. Putty nails holes, touch up and paint with inviting colors. Painting seems like a daunting process, however, by simply touching up and painting your walls with light inviting colors will attract more buyers. We are creatures of first impressions, whether with people or homes. When a buyer walks into a home with bold colors it could immediately deter them even if it’s the perfect fit! Toning down the paint and creating a neutral environment gives a buyer a lasting first impression and welcoming feel.

2. Depersonalize your home and decorate in a neutral scheme. By removing your personal pictures and decorating in a welcoming and neutral way will help a potential buyer visualize what the house would be like If they lived there.

3. Maintain the yard and create curb appeal. Yes, I know, the last thing you want to do is put money into a house your selling, all you can think about is the home your about to buy. But let’s be frank, anyone can put their house up for sale, but not all houses sell. Most buyers search for homes on the internet and will drive by the ones they are most interested in. What if your house is it, but when they drive by it lacks the essence of “Home” because they can’t see past the unmaintained lawn, shrubbery and lack of curb appeal. Taking the time cleaning up the yard, raking the leaves and adding planters will create the appeal every buyer is looking for!

4. Clean the gutters. It’s the last thing a seller thinks about but the first thing an inspector or buyer will look for. Make sure your gutters are free of debris and water is able to drain properly. You don’t want a potential buyer viewing your house on a rainy day only to see the gutters are jammed and water pouring everywhere.

5. Re-caulk around tubs, sinks and fixtures. This is a cheap and simple fix to any area that has old, cracking or discolored caulk. On average you should re-caulk these areas every 2-3 years. Any buyer interested in your house will thoroughly go through each room, especially bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t leave any room for questioning in these areas, be proactive and take care of it prior to listing.

6. Stage your house. If you have large bulky furniture or just a lot of furniture think about decluttering and putting items in storage. Big furniture or too much furniture can cause any room to feel smaller than what it is. By removing unnecessary pieces and staging your home creates a larger and more spacious feel that allows a buyer to picture their own furniture in the space.

7. Deodorize and freshen your home. If you have animals, smoke or kids in sports that use your mudroom as locker room its best to take the time to freshen your home up. Replace airs filters, remove sports equipment, put in some air fresheners or light some candles. You want to impress your buyers immediately with a warm and pleasing scent when they walk in.

8. Wash all glass windows and doors. Take the time to wash the glass windows, doors and sliders inside and out. You’ll also want to open any draperies or blinds to allow in natural lighting. Clean and crisp glass with lots of natural light touches a buyer immediately and creates a soothing feel.

9. Fix or repair obvious and important issues. Be sure that any obvious damages are repaired; i.e. loose door knobs, unsecured railings, missing tiles, etc. These are minor and quick repairs that will come back on any inspection report. Handling these items prior to listing your house will prevent later negotiations over repairs.

10. Hire a company to deep clean your house. Bring in a cleaning crew to deep clean your house and steam clean carpets and rugs. A cleaning company will be able to reach difficult hard to reach areas and have a keen eye for detail when doing their job. Having them come in and getting the tough cleaning out of they way makes it easier for you to upkeep once showings begin.

Taking the time and following these steps prior to listing your home will attract ready and able buyers, bring highest and best offers and reduce repair negotiations. So lets get started and get your home in tip top shape and ready to show!

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